Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good-bye Microwave - Part 2

So it's been a few days since we retired our microwave. I kept a list on the refrigerator and wrote down each time that I missed having the microwave. After 5 days, this is what I have:

I Miss My Microwave When....
I warm up my cooling cup of coffee
I melt cheese on top of stuff

I heat lanolin to soak with wool diaper covers

I forgot to take something out of the freezer for dinner until 4:00 p.m.

I heat syrup for pancakes

I melt/soften butter for cooking

I warm up leftovers for lunch

So okay, none of these really seem to be pressing issues. Most of them are really just convenience uses. I'm finding that, of course, there is always an alternative way to heat/warm/defrost/melt something. Sometimes that way is more time consuming. I already have problems with patience. I don't have any. So this has been good for me to have to wait more than 60 seconds to heat up my lunch.

I'm not saying that I'm thrilled with the situation, but I've decided to give it some more time. Maybe this is just microwave withdrawals? Only time will tell.

On the bright side, I LOVE having all of this extra space on my kitchen counter top. My husband keeps putting things there to fill up the space, but I keep moving them. I like looking at the open space, and it's been great to be able to spread out a little more when cooking.

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